To increase the size of text on a page, simply click on the small blue ‘Plus Icon’ in the bottom left hand corner of any page. Click again to increase further.



Plus = Increase font size.

Minus = Decrease font size.

Circle = Reset to original size.



The various functions on this website work on most Web Browsers. But, if you appear to be having problems using the ‘Text Zoom’ function, then try the following…


  • Close and then re-open your Web Browser. Then visit the website again.
  • Try clearing your Web Browser’s History (this is normally found in the Tools or Settings section, near the top of your Web Browser).
  • Disable your Web Browser’s Add-ons that may be conflicting with the site.
  • Use a different Web Browser, such as: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Opera Reboot your PC, then visit the website again.
  • If you’re still having issues, try using a completely different PC. Perhaps ask a relative, friend or next door neighbor.


In most cases, problems are related to the Web Browser you are using to view the website and can be solved simply by trying something different.