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Nursery Hill
St Andrews Place


Nursery Hill is a tranquil and unique private estate designed by Pentangle and built by Leach Homes of good build standards and completed in 2007, with 57 comfortable dwellings made up of 14 Apartments and 43 Houses. Situated on a hill right within the town of Hitchin, it has outstanding views of the countryside and the surrounding valley.




It’s served by a quiet gated private road (cul-de-sac) winding down to an open communal area safely enjoyed by the children of the estate, away from any vehicles. The play area is shaded by the largest tree on Nursery Hill (Ceder).








2012_01_09 img_3246Although the estate is so very quiet, it is located in the center of Hitchin and all its amenities; shops, street cafes, great restaurants, theater and Camra renown pubs. Just 4 minutes walk.











Gardens are maintained regularly, roads and foot paths are kept clear and free.

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Nursery Hill has it’s gritting bins topped up every season.



View of surrounding Hertfordshire countryside, from Nursery Hill (looking South West)


View of Hitchin town centre, from Nursery Hill (looking West)



Some amazing sunsets are regularly experienced from the vantage point of Nursery Hill (looking West over the valley that Hitchin resides)



Nursery Hill was designed by Pentangle